Gabions BGS-XG

Our gabions are an effective solution to problems related to ground stabilization and water drainage. They are mainly used to prevent erosion problems, protect slopes, build up retaining walls, hydraulic structures, strengthen slopes and landslides, strengthen dikes, rivers and canals, use in road construction.

The gabion system is increasingly used in the construction of fences, firewalls, architectural purposes in an urban area.


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Product characteristics

* Gabions with size: 3x1x1 meters are not available (can not be machined)


The gabions are produced from the double-twisted (hexagonal) grid according to. EN 10233-3.

  • Wire diameter: from 2.7 to 3.00 mm for main grid, 3.4 mm or 3.9 mm for angular wires according to EN 10218-2.
  • Endurance strength: 380-500 N / mm2
  • Coating: hot dip galvanizing EN 10244-2, max. 275 g / m2
  • Raster: 8×10 cm

Gabions are rectangular modules – “twin-mesh” baskets of different sizes. They are filled with river or quarry stone with a suitable fraction, conforming to the mesh size. Gabions are characterized by their high flexibility, durability, strength, water permeability, economy and cleverly fit into the environment.

Our advantage is that we produce gabions from a double-twisted hexagonal mesh, not just an electro-welded mesh. Knitted gabions offer increased strength and durability due to the characteristics of the material used – high quality, deep, hot galvanized wire. Double twist of the wire and hexagonal cage contribute to maximum strength and durability.

Some of the advantages of gabions are:

  • Easy to install constructions- exclusively good for fast ground stabilization and drainage of earth surfaces and water.
  • Water permeability and durability
  • High flexibility and robustness
  • Minimum workload for basic facilities. The simplicity of the constructions does not require a large number of qualified manpower when installing. No new drainage devices (systems) are needed because the gabion structures are permeable. Much cheaper and faster to apply in any case, especially in natural surfaces
  • They carry heavy loads without destroying the facilities.
  • They provide effective permeability and self-draining, making them suitable for protection against erosion of river troughs, steep slopes, slopes, etc.
  • Equipments for gabions are much more economical than traditional ones, especially when the filling stone is near the object.
  • Gabions allow the growth of plants and trees and in this way they are record fit into the surrounding environment.


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