What are gabions and what is their application?

What are gabions and what is their application?

Your home is your fortress. Your yard is the most favorite space where magic happens!

If the time spent outdoors inspires you, and you want your garden to contains your personal handwriting, and the landscape is a symbiosis of a traditional look with natural materials and an up-to-date character, if you want your fence to give you the privacy everyone needs, without hiding your nice view – you are looking for gabions

Simply put into words, gabions are rectangular elements made by double-stitched mesh that provides unlimited possibilities for the design of your yard. Their high qualities are appreciated and can be distinguished by their wide use in various types of construction, erosion protection, landscaping, building of retaining walls, strengthening of river beds, protection against landslides.

If your property is on a terrain that does not allow heavy construction equipment – the construction with gabions will help. They give you the opportunity to build without concrete and iron and are filled with natural materials such as stone and wood. They show you the road to a perfect eco-dwelling in harmony with nature. Such built by gabions home in a complete symbiosis with the mountain Belasitsa, was laid by the popular folklore performer Volodya Stoyanov. Here you can get inspiration by the spiritual temple of the popular artist who trusts Fences to build their eco-dwelling.

Gabions are the base on which you can unleash your creativity and customize your yard or garden to the smallest detail.

The twin-twisted hexagonal wire mesh from which rectangular “baskets” are produced becomes the home of your favorite material.

Do you prefer a natural mountain rock or are you a fan of the soft feeling that leaves the tree?
Or are you attracted by the modern industrial flow in design and concrete as an accent?

Regardless of the style you want to convey to your yard, gabion is the right solution.

In addition to the variety of variants and the different looks that your gabion can acquire, the greatest qualities of this modern choice are the flexibility that allows larger bases than standard solutions and the ability to withstand heavy loads without destroying themselves facilities. Your favorite fence will have a long life and will not suffer from unpleasant rust thanks to the gabion. From an aesthetic point of view, the greatest benefits of gabions are their natural appearance. If you are looking for a fence that is in sync with an environment, then the gabions will definitely be beneficial to you as they allow the growth of plants. So landscaping your fence will make it an indispensable part of the natural look of the surrounding nature. If your yard is located in a specific territory with areas with displacement, it is good to know that this is not an obstacle for gabions.

Besides as a fence, they can also serve as a decoration for your yard or garden where the possibilities are unlimited. With love and a pinch of inspiration, gabion can quickly become a work of art. Highlights, gardening, flower gardens, benches, pots for your favorite plants are just some of the ideas that can easily be realized with gabion.

Other applications for gabions in backyard include enclosed seating, outdoor furniture bases, raised seats and even the surrounding environment for water facilities and fireplaces. The options are unlimited, and the end result different – according to the choices you have made. Guaranteed you can get what every home should possess – a sense of coziness!

Aesthetics: Gabions “welcome” plants and provide them with a natural environment where they can grow. This makes the gabions a natural part of the surrounding landscape.
Installation: Easy to install is among the main advantages. The installation of the gabion requires no foundation, which is often a cost-effective solution for backyard problems and displacement.
Durability: The materials gabions are built from are durable. With good performance, gabion facilities can remain in perfect condition for decades to come.
Environment and budget: Gabions can be filled with recycled materials such as concrete or rocks, which are construction waste or stones from the place of installation, which will reduce landfill and optimize your costs.

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