The fence system – the frame for your property

The fence system – the frame for your property

Choosing how to outline your home, assessing what’s the most accurate “outline” of your property, can be a real challenge if you do not know the right partner which has no constraint on the enclosure for. We believe that the fence for your home, garden, farm plot or business property is like the picture frame. Without it, the work of art … is not complete. And just as art has no boundaries, we also do not stop until we find the perfect choice for your personal case. We know that each case has its own specificity and that each customer has their own vision of what the “frame” of his home will look like, so we offer a wide range of products to build the best fence system for you.

An element of the fencing system is the metal fencing pillars, which has three extremely important advantages – reasonable price, low weight, high strength and durability, and their best feature is that the assembly of the mesh or panel to the pillars is done extremely fast, easy and secure! In addition to a rectangular steel profile, you can also select round ones. They are hot-dip galvanized and finished with PVC coating and can be used to build completely finished fencing systems. Preferably, but not necessarily, the PVC coating, as the galvanized pillar is sufficiently resistant to atmospheric influences.

Among the most preferred of the clients are the fencing systems with the fencing panels, which are of proven quality and durability. They can also satisfy the highest aesthetic vision requirements and are available in almost all RAL colors. They are a great option if your goal is to park farms, sports grounds, car parks, production workshops, warehouses, villas, residential complexes, parks, gardens, but they are also a preferred choice for users looking for a private fence of their yard.

They are made by hot-dip galvanized wire and are the main element of the whole fence system, including panels, pillars and fixing accessories to meet all customer requirements for different levels of protection.

Besides easy installation and strength, among the main advantages you will enjoy, choosing the fence panels for part of your fence system is the great ratio “price-quality”!

Another option for enclosure can be any of the different types of meshes we offer in combination with the type of fencing you have chosen. This option guarantees a strong, weatherproof and space-free fence.

An integral part of the fencing system are the doors – pedestrian and garage. They can be standard – hinged or sliding. We offer a variety of options – filled with fence panels, metal lamellas and more. In each version, your requirements are leading to the specifics of the property.

The variety and quality of products to build the desired and most suitable fence for your property is important, but what makes the process complete and guarantees a 100% satisfying result is the personalized approach. We know that each project has its own specificity and needs to be personally addressed, so do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss together what is the right choice for your fence system and we will ensure it is installed quickly and qualitatively – because every painting needs the most appropriate frame for itself.


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